Love Found


Today while walking our dog Leo I had the thought that it would be cool if I found a heart shaped rock. I looked down to start my search and found one immediately. 

Pretty neat. 

I guess one could say that there is love to be found, all around, if you just think to look.

Right Now | Scrapbook Layout


Popping on to share a quick layout I put together the other night...these photos are from a recent visit to Lake Superior. Zoey is reading an old book on acting techniques that she purchased (using her own money) at a used book store while I sat beside her just enjoying the view. 

Love simple moments like this. Truly makes one feel that life, is in fact, pretty darn lovely.

This was Zoey's first day of freedom after having been busy for the past three weeks with drama camp. She had a sleepover last night and has a birthday party to go to later this week. Hoping that one day soon, things will align themselves and the weather will be nice, I won't have to work and Zoey's social calendar will be free so we can go swimming!! It's almost August and we haven't even been in a lake once yet! Need to remedy that soon.

The Campanile Summer Childrens Theatre - The Reluctant Dragon


It's been a busy weekend here. Zoey's play, The Reluctant Dragon was this weekend with performances Friday - Sunday which has meant a lot of driving around and meal prepping! And lots of fun of course! This is the culmination of three weeks of a summer theatre workshop that is put together through our local center for the arts program. It's amazing. So very happy that Zoey has the opportunity to be a part of this ever summer.

This is her third summer participating and next year will be the last year that she will be able to be an actor in it, but will be able to be a helper thereafter.

She played the part of the dragon this year which was so much fun for her! This years' play was very fun and somewhat comedic in nature. Perfect for summer!

Best part according to Zoey was her mock fight scene with her good friend Ava.

And a picture of some of her friends that came to the show! Love that our community supports the arts!!!