Apple Picking!


This past weekend we visited an area apple orchard (one that's about an hour away from us) and got a big bag of Macintosh apples to bring home. There is nothing like fresh, tart, apples that you picked yourself from an orchard in the fall!

As soon as we got to the orchard we hiked it out to the apples asap, as rain was on the horizon. I'm happy to say that we were able to pick our apples while escaping the rain!

Here is Ethan and Zoey posing in front of the corn field...something we don't see around home.

Of course, tradition while picking apples is taste testing them as well. We all did some testing.

And here is my not so little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch! Once upon a time she was smaller than that pumpkin!! Sure is crazy how time flies.


After our apple picking adventure we hiked a bit in a state park that was nearby. Since the weather was a bit sketchy, it was pretty quiet, which was actually pretty nice.

It was cool, and slightly misting and we could hear the geese as they flew by. They took turns diving into the water and then flying in v formation back in forth almost as though they were putting on a show for us.

There was also a playground so Zoey and I took some time to spend on the swings. Love this girl and love that she still has time (and the desire) to spend time with little old me.

It was a great weekend...kinda sad that it's over. It's so rare that we all get to spend time together these days it seems.

Hiking the Rainbow Flowage


We celebrated Ethan's birthday yesterday by checking out the fall colors and exploring a bit of the Rainbow Flowage...a spot that I've always wanted to check out whenever I would drive by. So glad we took the time to explore it. 

After our hike we enjoyed an amazing dinner at Bad Bones BBQ and then Ethan enjoyed some special homemade apple pie and opened up cards and a few simple gifts from Zoey and I. A very quiet and special evening. 

Let Every Day Sparkle | Simple Card


Just popping on quick here before the week is through to share a simple birthday card that I made. It's been a busier than expected week here, hoping things can settle down a bit over the weekend. We're supposed to have rain, rain and more rain! Argh!

Happy Friday!


Hello Lovely | Scrapbook Layout


Oh my goodness...yesterday was ridiculous when it came to my crafty mojo getting interrupted! I had photos printed (these were sent to me from Zoey's friend's mother - she took them to get pedicures this past weekend, Zoey's first time!) and I knew that I wanted to put together this simple layout. I had everything set to go, Zoey was working on her school stuff and was close-by in case she had a question. About five minutes in I ended up knocking off my antique, milk glass jar that holds all my scissors and favorite pens, markers, etc. onto the floor and of course it shattered. Which meant I had to stop to sweep and vacuum up. By the time I got everything cleaned up it was time for lunch and then dishes. Once I was finally done with the layout I photographed it and wasn't happy with my first photos...they were just too dark so I retook them outside, uploaded them, edited them, argh! I still wasn't happy! They were just too bright and showed shadows due to the bright afternoon sun. Thank goodness that the thirdbatch worked out...

The papers and stickers by Simple Stories work perfectly for a layout featuring a pedicure don't you think? All those little paint splotches...and aren't these little toes so cute?!

Zoey was so excited to come home and show me her fancy toes, it's hard to tell from the photos but they are painted a dark, metallic purple with flowers on the big toes.

Have you been working on anything creative this week? Hopefully you are having better luck than me and aren't set on destroying your workplace and afternoon in the process.

Fall Hike | Fallison Lake Nature Trail


We had an amazing day yesterday...the sun was out and there was a slight breeze, it was the perfect day for hiking. Zoey was at a friend's house so Ethan and I went to hike the 2.5 mile loop of the Fallison Lake Nature Trail. Once there, we discovered that many other people had the same idea! We probably passed at the very least, 20 or so individuals hiking along the way which is kind of unheard of. Usually we are lucky if we see 1 or 2!

I am wondering if this was our peak weekend for fall colors, they were pretty amazing.

While this trail isn't very long in distance, it does have many hills (up and down) and steps along the route. We both had packs on and when done, we were quite warm!

In addition to taking in the beauty of the season I was able to spot some mushrooms and fungi along the's kind of my latest obsession. There is so much to look for and it's fun discovering new species, learn if they are edible or not or of medicinal value.

It was such a great afternoon! So happy we took the time to go out and enjoy the day. Where we live, winter will be here before we know it!